Chore Charts

These charts are customizable by dropping your clipart choices into the squares down the left hand side of the chart. Half of the chart has a sun and moon image dividing each day of the week and is for chores that have to be done twice in one day, for instance feeding the dog or brushing their teeth. The child can then mark off the sun for the morning completion and the moon for the evening completion on each day of the week!

Editing your chore chart is easy and tracking is a fun and rewarding exercise for your toddler to engage in!

As with the calendar, if you are recalling a saved chore chart, simply click on the “open” button in the “Ready, Set, Print!” dialog box. You will be taken to your accounts page where you will be able to scroll down and find your “saved chore charts”. Click on the “load” text link and you will be taken back to the chore chart editing page. Again, as with the calendar, if you want to remove images from the saved chore chart, you must first drag an image into the chore chart (over top an existing image if necessary) to unlock the full editing features. Once you have done that once, you will be able to drag and drop images to or from your chore chart at will.