Our calendar is very unique in that we allow you to completely customize your experience either using our images or creating your own! We have a fast growing custom clipart gallery that we are developing and adding to each month and encourage you to let us know in our forums or through the help form on this page if there are images you would like to see appear in our gallery. We will put our efforts into creating images you request.

Drag and drop your chosen graphics into the correct day on the calendar. To remove an image, click and drag it from the calendar back to the clipart gallery.

Using the Calendar…
To use the calendar, you simply drag and drop the images from the clipart bar into the appropriate day on the calendar. Add up to 5 images in each day. Access to our clipart comes in two options, “yours” and “ours”. “Your” clipart consists of images you have uploaded directly to our site through your account. “Ours” clipart consists of the custom MyTime illustrations that we are constantly adding to each month.

Use "our art" or "your art" to build your calendars and chore charts!

Uploading your own images…
If you want to upload your own images, for instance a picture of grandma when she’s coming to babysit or a picture of the family dog for the chore charts, they will appear in your very own clipart gallery for use in the calendar. To do this, you simply click on the “upload image” button at the bottom of the clipart bar. This will take you to your accounts page from which you will be prompted through the process of uploading your own images. In this upload wizard, you will be prompted for the location of the image you want to upload and then given the opportunity to modify and crop it to fit our calendar parameters. Once your image is created and uploaded, you will be sent back to the calendar page where you will find your image after clicking on the tab in the clipart box entitled “yours”. Just drag and drop it into you calendar or chore chart and you’re done!

Printing, Saving or Accessing a saved calendar…
Once you have finished editing your calendar, you have the opportunity to print directly to an 8.5×11 page or you can save your calendar for later access. If you choose to save your calendar, you will be prompted to name your calendar. It will then be stored on your accounts page. When you want to access this saved calendar, simply go to your accounts page and you will find it under your “saved calendars”. Click on “load” and you will be returned to the calendar editing page where you will then be able to add or delete information from your saved calendar.

*Please note: you must drag an image from the clipart into your saved calendar once BEFORE you are able to remove images from that saved calendar. This only needs to happen once when you first open your saved calendar. Then full editing capabilities are initiated.