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Do your and your pet need a vacation?

April 15th, 2010 5:33pm

We have a very special member of our family that works awefully hard though not so anyone would notice. He scares the monster away each night, comforts a mothers tears when she’s had one of those days, listens intently to a child when they feel no one else could understand, scares the bad guys (and some of the annoying door solicitors!)  away, is always ready to play, gets us all off our butts to exercise and appreciate the beauty around us by taking the morning walk,  and never ceases to warm our hearts when everything else in the world seems cold.

Comforter, playmate, body guard, monster-under-the-bed scarer... our family pup has a full time job!

Sound like a pretty hefty job description? Not for our family pup! He takes it all in stride. And while the rest of us moan daily for appreciation, or pay, or some sort of recompense for every good deed, he is content to carry this job out with a wag of his tail and comic loll of his tongue! Our pets do so much for us without ever expecting a return. It is amazing to me that we constantly search for heros for our children to emulate when in reality, the selfless nature of our family pets should be example enough for all of us!

Well, thanks to, we now have a way to repay our little heros by giving them what they love most…time with us to play! They have organized their first Travel Contest for pets and their owners with the grand prize being a five day trip to the Rocky Mountain Wilderness in Colorado Springs, Colorado for two people and their pet!!

Some of the other prizes for runners up:

It’s easy to enter! Simply visit their entry form page, upload a photo of your pet with an explanation of why your pet needs a vacation and you’re ready to go! Check out some of the entries where you can also vote for your favorite. He who has the most votes goes to Colorado! And yes, I have to make a hapless endorsement…if you see our photo (entitle Jennifer Allen and Chance), give us a vote will ya because me and my pet NEED A VACATION!

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Today is Look Up At the Sky Day!

April 14th, 2010 3:00am

One of the most important lessons kids teach us is to take time in our day to observe and appreciate the simple things in life! For instance, one of my favorite games to play with my kids is the “cloud game”. We lay out on the grass or the trampoline and we try to find pictures of things in the cloud formations. Sometimes, we even make up stories about what we see. It really gives you and your kids a chance to show off your imaginations! Even my toddler will sit back and play this without getting bored! While my kids get a kick out of observing the clouds changing, I get a moment of near  meditation as I listen to my kids, breath in the air and enjoy the sun. It also reminds me of how small and yet how important we each are in the grand scheme of things.

So in honor of  “Look Up at the Sky Day”, I suggest a few opportunities for kids and parents to appreciate this simple pleasure in life…our beautiful sky! Whether it is by night or by day, there are some visual adventures to be had from this amazingly huge realm hovering above us!

If your kids get a kick out of the night sky wonders, we’ve got a great reference for you. Check out for some great tips on observing and finding objects in the night sky. Susan Caplan of Kidscrafts Suite 101 has some additional fun nocturnal games for your little ones!

So grab some binoculars, head outside and LOOK UP AT THE SKY today!

Visit our forum and share your ideas of outdoor games that your kids love!

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