Looking for a furry family friend?

June 22nd, 2010 12:27am

I have to spread the word for those of you who may be in the market for a furry family friend for your home. We have a friend that took in a very starved cat who they responsibly cared for through multiple vet visits to affirm it’s health and condition. After a clean bill of health, she took her newfound friend back to the vet to have it spayed only to find out that her emaciated cat was going to be a momma! She took the cat home and several days later, had a healthy litter of four kittens mewing in her home! She has been torn between keeping them but unfortunately, she is unable to accommodate so many animals in her home (she already has a dog and now two cats). She is looking for homes for these four cuddly little furballs and has asked us to help her get the word out to those who might be looking for a good family pet.

The momma cat is very docile, excellent with families (kid-tested, mother-approved!) and has passed those gentle traits onto her offspring. The kittens are very calm for being so young and very gentle with kids (my two-nine year olds all attest to that!). These friendly kittens have little fear of dogs and are nearly litterbox trained. They are currently eating solid foods while still occasionally nursing from their momma and are about 7 weeks old.

We have included some pictures of these little cuties and if you or someone you know is looking for a new family companion, we hope you will contact us at info@mytimecalendars.com with the subject of “kittens”. We would love for these good-natured kitties to go to good families.