Do your kids like surprises?

September 1st, 2009 3:44pm

Tired of hearing the rantings and ravings of your child as they complain about having to feed the dog AGAIN…”I did it last night…how come I always have to do it?”. Instead of having the same chores for your children every week, hold a special “chore drawing” on Sundays! Pull pictures from our clipart gallery representing each chore you wish your children to be responsible for. Cut them out and drop them into a hat. Each child then gets to take turns picking a picture from the hat to determine what chores they will be responsible for that week. If you have a wide range of ages in your family, you may need to have a drawing for the older kids and a drawing for the younger ones (so that the little ones don’t end up with chores they can’t handle). Then, go to work! Have your kids log onto MyTime Calendars and each one can create their own chore chart by matching up the pictures they drew out of the hat with the ones in the clipart bar. They can drag and drop them into the chore chart and be ready to go for the next week!┬áKids will learn matching skills as they match their cut up pictures with the ones in our clipart gallery as well as learning different chore skills each week.

As a fun variation, have an “awards ceremony” on Sunday before the next weeks drawing to “award” each child with some special recognition for a job well done (even if it is just letting each child stand in front of the family while you recognize some extra special accomplishment they did while doing their chores that week). Kids thrive on extra attention and even more so when that attention is due to good accomplishments. The early they learn that contributing the family chores can be fun and rewarding, the more likely they will be to turn these experiences into good long-term habits.

Do you have a technique that works well for your family to keep track of responsibilities? How do you divvy up the chores?

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