Does the weather scare your kids? …Does it scare you?

July 16th, 2009 1:19am

Hit your space bar if the Arizona monsoons make you shake in your boots just a little! It looks like the first of the season is just rolling through my neighborhood tonight and let me tell you, it can be a little nerve wracking! I saw the thunderheads building in the distance and new we would be in for quite a storm tonight so I started our bedtime routine a little earlier than usual. Thankfully, my kids all crashed out before the howling wind started pounding their windows and shaking their screens! Unfortunately for their brave and ever so courageous mother…I will be curling up under my covers with my hubby and my dog for comfort as we listen to the storm wreck our pristine yard! 🙂

As parents, we are sometimes called upon to offer comfort to our kids in these scary moments. My husbands nephew was being just so comforted by his dad one night during a monsoon storm. They were looking out the front window across the street. As his dad was assuring him that the lighting won’t hurt him, a bolt of lighting apparently struck the palm tree across the yard with sparking results! As if parenting isn’t hard enough, we have to be mocked by the weather! Sheesh!

I love a great storm but even though I can appreciate them for the blessing they are to the parched valley, they still can make me a bit nervous and generally terrorize my children around bedtime! I learned last year that unless I wanted to have a campout in my bed with all four of my kids (and my scaredy-cat dog), then I’d better plan ahead when I see those stormheads roll in by getting my brood into dreamland quickly!

Share some of your stories! What do you do to help your kids understand and not be overly fearful of the weather? Or is a little fear a healthy thing?…