Can’t get your ears to pop?…

July 11th, 2009 1:25pm

If you’ve tried the traditional methods of making your ears pop (namely, plugging your nose, taking a deep breath  and then blowing as if through your nose while it’s plugged), then you might have the same problem I did…ear wax buildup. Your ears always have  a certain amount of wax in them that helps protect and keep them clean. But sometimes that build up can become problematic when it blocks the ear canal. Symptoms include ear pressure that won’t release, loss of sound (kind of like being in a wind tunnel) and even pain resulting from the unreleased pressure.

After visiting my doctor, I was shown a great way to clear these blockages at home. First, fill a bowl with equal parts warm water, rubbing alchohol and hydrogen peroxide. Take a bulb syringe and squirt out the ear with the solution. Make sure you don’t put the bulb syringe into the ear canal…you need to have room for the fluid and wax to wash out of the ear while you’re flushing it. It may take several tries (even 15 or 20 tries!), but the solution will soften and eventually loosen the wax buildup and clear it out of your ears. You’ll know when that happens because you will be able to hear clearly again and the pressure build up will be gone!

Incidentally, a few drops of rubbing alchohol in each ear after swimming can help prevent swimmers ear.

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